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Crystal Clear Services

About Us:

Crystal Clear Services (CCT] is bringing the power of the blockchain to the global service industry. In its current form, the service sector faces immense issues including a lack of organization and non-transparency. Motivated by these factors, CCT aims to reinvent and revolutionize the way customers and service providers connect, negotiate, and execute paid services through the transparent service platform of Crystal Clear Services.

Put together, the creators of CCT have over a decade of experience in dispensing services and have recognized the growing demand for a serious overhaul. This need for change was most evident in the maintenance, oversight and housing markets.
In response, CCT created a system that eliminates the middleman and creates a transparent marketplace where all executed services are recorded in anon-editable blockchain viewable to the public.
As a result, performance ratings, transactions, and cost of services can no longer be manipulated. With CCT, reputation is built off real reviews and recommendations.

Our Story:

The Problem:

The online freelance services market caters mainly to people engaged in business or in Information Technology (IT) and the entire online market consists of just 18% of the population.
However, local services are used by virtually everyone, to various degrees. The market cap of cleaning services alone to the population in Russia is more than one billion dollars annually whereas in the United States, it surpasses seventeen billion. Per capita, the market cap of these services is over 5 times higher in the United States.
With the growth potential of these services hovering at over 20% per year, the offline local services market is poised to grow exponentially compared to the online freelancing sector. With a higher demand of service jobs such as cargo transportation, construction work, and equipment repair, the sky's the limit.
Undoubtedly, far too often what you see is not what you get and customers often face untrustworthy service providers who unreasonably inflate their prices, offer below standard services and leave customers feeling ripped off. In the existing system, it can take hours, days or even weeks to find what appears to be a suitable service provider only to find out the reviews may have been paid for or negative feedback was deleted. Many times not only are customers left with subpar quality but they paid more than they should have. Unfortunately, customers are left without a way to find real reviews and how much the services should cost. Not to mention, the uncertainty of knowing whom you are inviting into your home/property.
Currently, issues exist on both ends of the spectrum given that it is almost virtually impossible for the contractor to prove their worth beforehand. Also, there is always a risk that the customer simply does not pay for the service. Both customers and providers in the offline services market are subject to constant risks of not achieving the end result previously agreed upon. This undoubtedly is a major factor, which slows down the further rapid growth of services to the population. At Crystal Clear Services, we are certain that a platform rooted in transparency and fairness will result in a newfound reliability and comfort for all participants. And with an increased level of trust and quality, the number of future customers prepared to order these services would surge and such a platform is Crystal Clear Services!

The Solution:

The Crystal Clear Services platform helps solve various obstacles that face both sides of the services market. The customer and service provider will undoubtedly benefit from the use of the CCT platform in their own way.

From the customer side:

  • The search for a really worthy and skillful service provider can drag on, or you have to choose the first one. This is not a problem with CCT.
  • Inability to see the real history of orders and honest feedback about the performer.
  • The cost of services for the customer is always overestimated by the cost of advertising and the generation of leads on the side of the performer.
  • Even if the services are not properly implemented, bad reviews are usually not published or erased by the performers in order not to spoil their reputation.
  • The contractor may demand an advance payment and then leave without having completed his work.
  • Because of the large number of intermediaries and call centres, it is not known in advance who exactly will come and who will be the executor.


From the performer side:

  • Expensive advertising, which seriously reduces the possible profit from each order.
  • There is no guarantee that the work will be paid at the end, and the customer will simply slam the door.
  • Absence of a global black list in all directions of the service, for avoidance of dishonest customers.
  • Possible conflicts with particularly picky customers about the discrepancy of work in advance agreed on conditions


Revenue Model:

All participants of the system will have the opportunity to use CCT tokens to pay for the services available in the system, which will ensure the liquidity of the CCT token from the real sector of the economy. After the pre-ICO and the main stage of the ICO, tokens will be released into free circulation on cryptocurrency exchanges. 12 months after the ICO, on a monthly basis, the tokens will be redeemed through revenue to maintain a stable rate of the CCT token. In addition to this, each token holder will be able to participate in court to solve complex situations and receive additional tokens for the help of other participants. A tipping system based on CCT tokens will be built, and participants of the system will be able to transfer tokens to any other participant at their own desire as an incentive. You can obtain CCT tokens in the following ways:


  • Purchase of CCT tokens at the initial pre-ICO stage with the biggest bonus
  • Participation in the Bounty campaign
  • Purchase at the main stage of the ICO with a big bonus
  • Purchase of CCT tokens on exchanges after the ICO at the market price
  • Receiving CCT tokens within the Crystal Clear Services platform for writing reviews, recommendations, participation in courts.
  • Receiving CCT tokens for helping to develop and promote the platform
  • CCT bonus tokens will be issued for voting, which will help to improve the platform Free and instant conversion of CCT tokens and the opportunity to exchange them for real services, which are necessary on a daily basis, will help popularize the cryptocurrency, make it more accessible for understanding and circulation among the masses.

Competitive Analysis:

Crystal Clear Services was preceded by many years of experience in the service sector. Our customers ranged from the general public to big business and government contracts. After extensive research and developments in this field, we are ready to launch the CCT system that can provide these amazing services on a daily basis.
With CCT, reputation is built off real reviews and recommendations. Performance ratings, transactions, and cost of services can no longer be manipulated because all executed services are recorded in a non-editable blockchain viewable to the public. Reliable reputations coupled with an open history of transactions will result in quality services and fair prices.

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Crystal Clear Services :  It was only a matter of time before a new method of selecting and working with local service providers was created. 27 October 2017 2017-10-27 11:24
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