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Welcome to the MySPURT  
Issued on: October 27, 2017

Welcome to the MySPURT

Today we want to motivate you to think positively about SPURT, for we do believe that that will support our efforts immensely.

Did you ever hear about Isaac Newton’s Law of Increased Entropy?

Easy explained this law is stating that when no positive energy is put into something, that thing will fall apart. We see this all over around us. A beautiful castle will be a ruin over the years. When you do not eat you will die. When you do not actively love your spouse, your love life might have an end soon.
Why is this important to understand?
Because this law is not only for things like a castle and your body. It is ALSO for things like SPURT.
My journey to SPURT and an account there started with my biggest wish to show to the world that nature is showing us abundance in all fields. The grass is growing each day! A tree never says this time I want only half my leaves. There are so many animals that we do not even know them all.
So, I thought, WHY don’t we, humans, experience abundance in our lives?
I think the biggest difference is that we THINK. A flower will never think: Hopefully, I will have nice colors next year too! Will a daffodil believe that he will not have enough colors tomorrow?
But we? We THINK. We worry that is. We worry that tomorrow there will not be enough. We think that SPURT will never ever bring what they hoped it would bring: Abundance. Guess what?

What you sow, you will reap!

You will never live in Abundance. SPURT will never provide what you wished for, for THAT is what you believe and what you get.